Effective January 1, 2017, Diesel Toys will be shifting our business model to strictly selling converted 2005+ TOYOTA TACOMA and FJ CRUISERS. Due to the explosive demand surrounding this announcement, we have tried to put together some basic information regarding our vehicle sales business model. Pricing will start using the same pricing found on our site currently. So, the vehicles will be priced based on a  $25,000 conversion price + the cost of the vehicle. Our vehicles will be first come first serve and we are not going to use a “waiting list” or “reservation “vehicle sales model at this time. If you’ve been on the fence about sending your vehicle to us to convert, we recommend getting on the conversion waiting list before January 1, 2017. Or, sell your vehicle and purchase an already-converted vehicle from us in 2017. For vehicles sales or information related to buying a vehicle, email us at sales@dieseltoys.com


PHONE: 877-545-8699   EMAIL: info@dieseltoys.com