Im ready to get started, whats involved?

To start the conversion process, email us with your vehicle’s specifics. We will need the year, model, transmission type, and whether or not the vehicle is 2WD or 4WD. Once we receive this information, we can put together an itemized quote for your project.

Where do I get parts for my conversion once its finished?

We provide all of our customers with a Diesel Toys New Customer Packet on a USB drive. This drive contains the Toyota factory service manual, and all applicable fluid capacities, break in procedure, service procedures for the vehicle, and contact information for our parts sources overseas.

How do I service my converted vehicle?

We recommend finding a local diesel technician that specializes in TDI Volkswagens. These TDI specialists are typically more familiar with modern 4-cylinder diesels than your domestic diesels. If you cant find one or need a recommendation, hop on and look for their Trusted TDI Mechanics List by state.

How do you calculate your pricing?

We take the cost of the power-train+ components required for the conversion + the nationwide average shop rate of $100/hr and we end up with the total for the conversion project. The typical diesel conversion has 100-120 hours of labor factored into the price. So, that translates into $10,000-$12,000 in billable labor hours.

Can I supply my own diesel engine?

Due to the high probability for an issue to arise, we decided to just leap-frog this entirely and not even go there. Our business model revolves around a professional installation. If there is an issue, we work with our suppliers to rectify the issue on our dime, not the customer’s.

Do you repair things during the process?

Through the years, we  have had vehicles show up with serious mechanical issues. Sometimes, the owners “assume” that we are rebuilding the entire vehicle so they “forget” to tell us the fact that the vehicle was totaled, or there was an engine fire etc. The diesel conversion process does NOT include rebuilding items on the vehicle and all pricing is based off a running driving vehicle in good order. 

Do you offer TDI conversions?

We pioneered the TDI-Toyota conversions years ago with VERY lackluster results. The biggest issue we had was that the small displacement TDI (1.9 liter) and a larger 4WD truck simply did not mix well. The stock 90hp ALH TDI engine did not have have enough power to be driven safely; often having difficulty maintaining highway speeds. A proposed remedy to this shortcoming is that you can chip-tune the TDI engines to achieve better performance. Well, once you do that the economy goes out the window.  So, any economy gains you would realize by converting your vehicle to diesel are lost.


I'm gonna try to convert my own vehicle. Can you help?

In short,  no. 100% of the information we have learned on successful conversion methods, parts aquisition/sources, and wiring was learned by doing. We consider this information highly proprietary in nature and not shared under ANY circumstances. If you’re determined to do your own conversion, do your own research. Foregoing our  services and performing your own conversion only to try and rely on our expertise during the conversion would put us out of business in a real hurry.

Can I register my conversion in California?

We have been in the diesel conversion business since 2004 and have performed well over 100 conversions for California residents. While there have been no reported problems, we market and sell these conversions for Off Road Use Only.

Are these new or used engines?

In order to have all the components needed for a diesel conversion, we have to buy complete, low-mileage vehicles and strip them of all of their usable parts. We do this for two reasons. First, the engine, transmission, all wiring, accessories,  instrumentation, computers all need to be diesel-specific and from the same vehicle. All of these components need to match. Toyota does not sell new “complete” gas or diesel engines, only long-blocks. So, one would have to piece everything together to have an operational engine. This would drive conversion costs into the stratosphere.  Due to technical requirements, we need to buy late-model donor vehicles. As a result, our D-4D engines typically have less than 20,000 miles on them. 

How long does the conversion take?

All Diesel Toys conversions are done on an individual basis and are custom by nature. We focus on quality, not getting your vehicle slapped together and out as quickly as possible in order to bring the next guy in. Our conversions can take as little as 3 weeks to as long as a year. This depends heavily on what we’re doing to your vehicle, and the options being installed. For example, a solid axle swap v.s. a frame off restoration.

Can I register a conversion in my state?

Every state has different laws regarding emissions testing and procedures. What’s legal in Texas may not be legal in Kansas etc. Many folks email us starting with “I read on the internet that I cant register my conversion here in…”. In the 12+ years we’ve been converting vehicles, we have NEVER had a customer unable to legally register their conversion. We always recommend that you check with your local and state offices to determine legality. Diesel Toys DOES NOT imply legality and offers conversion services “FOR OFF-ROAD USE ONLY”.