Turbo Direct Injection

If you own a diesel powered Volkswagen, you are probably of the position that you “love the car, hate the dealership”. Unfortunately, dealer support for these cars is bad at best. Shoddy, expensive work, bad customer service, misdiagnosis, and lengthy stays at the dealership are far too common. We began servicing TDI’s back in 2004 and have since become South Texas’ leading TDI service facility. Since we only work on diesels, it is our passion, attention to detail, and experience that makes us the ONLY solution for your vehicle’s service needs. If you have a question regarding service, or would like to schedule an appointment, feel free to give us a call. You can also send us an email here.

B.B.B. and Angie’s List A+ Certified

Over the years, we have seen our share of shade-tree mechanics, hobbyists, or “internet TDI enthusiasts” come and go through the TDI scene. The problem is that these guys are not licensed, insured, typically work out of their mom’s house or other dubious locations,  and have little to no real-world experience. Because these guys are not legitimate businesses, you’re on your own when something goes wrong. We regularly have vehicles towed into the shop that have been serviced by “some guy off the internet” and the vehicle no longer runs or is having major mechanical problems and the “guy off the internet” wont return their calls. At Diesel Toys® we are licensed, insured, bonded,  and have an Angie’s list and  B.B.B. A+ rating so you can feel confident knowing your vehicle is being repaired by professionals.




We handle all of our own towing so if your vehicle is needing to be towed into the shop, give us a call. We charge $65 within 15 miles of the shop, and $85 within loop 1604. For towing outside the city limits, call for an estimate.



VAG-COM is a software package designed for the Windows™ operating system that emulates the functions of the Volkswagen dealer’s proprietary scan tools. This incredibly powerful and versatile software allows us to program keys, clear “Check Engine Lights”, diagnose trouble codes, and calibrate engine components throughout your vehicle’s electrical system. Diagnostics fees and VAG-COM fees are a flat rate of $50. This fee is waived if we perform the repair at the time of diagnosis.

**All ALH timing belt installations INCLUDE a VAG-COM diagnostics scan free of charge as it is necessary to verify the injection pump timing and to calibrate injection quantity**



Diesel Toys is the exclusive Malone Tuning dealer in South Texas. From ECU tunes, to DSG re-programming, Diesel Toys can take care of tuning your car the right way. Most tuned vehicles gain 2-3 mpg and greatly enhanced drivability. For pricing and further information, please visit the Malone Tuning website

Quality Components & Warranty

Diesel Toys uses OEM or better quality GERMAN built components for all of our TDI services. This means metal impeller water pumps, Kevlar™ reinforced timing belts etc. Don’t be fooled by the cheap Chinese belt kits found all over the internet. The savings these cheap kits present are absorbed having to replace the failed components 3 months down the line on your own dime. All Diesel Toys® installed parts carry a FULL 1 YEAR parts and labor warranty that meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s warranty. All Cars after a timing belt service have a 100,000 mile change interval except early (1996-1998) TDIs. These vehicles have a 60,000 mile replacement interval and unfortunately do NOT have an upgradeable belt.


TDI Timing Belt Pricing

1996-1998 Passat/Jetta AHU TDI


1999-2003 Golf/Jetta ALH TDI


1999-2003 New Beetle ALH TDI


2004-2005 Golf/Jetta BEW TDI


2004-2005 New Beetle BEW TDI


2005-2006 Jetta BRM TDI

2004-2005 Passat BHW TDI

2009-2012 Golf/Jetta CBEA TDI


*Prices include PARTS & LABOR*