In 2010, Diesel Toys opened up a diesel-specific service department. Since then, Diesel Toys has become the local Powerstroke, Cummins, Duramax and Volkswagen TDI “gurus”. Aftermarket programmers, transmission service/upgrades, exhaust system mods, scheduled maintenance as well as full service diagnostics available. Seriously, stop taking your vehicle to the dealership! Give our service department a call to schedule an appointment.

Have you ever heard the one about a guy that walks into an auto shop? Well, we hear them all the time. Most of the time, it’s “I’ve been to two dealerships, and they both told me I need a $2,500 repair”. Once we have a look at it, we determine the vehicle needs $150 in repairs to a few seals and the vehicle is completely back to normal. We routinely reseal injection pumps where the local dealerships actually SEND US the work because they lack the skilled personnel. So instead of the customer spending $1,200+ $850 to install a rebuilt injection pump they dont need, we reseal them on the vehicle in a few hours and save them over $1500! Diesel specific service in San Antonio is few and far between. We recognize that not only is there a growing need for these specialists to diagnose an issue, but ongoing QUALITY service to these vehicles that people can afford.

Concierge Service

At Diesel Toys, our focus is completely different from the industry norm. We developed a service that we provide to ALL of our customers that we have dubbed our “Concierge service”. This consists of 7-days-a-week email support as well as a phone support with our two lead technicians. This means that if you’re stuck somewhere in need of assistance, we are available to talk you through the issue and get you the help you need. We also provide discounted towing, DIY parts, as well as mobile service to your location. So, if you’re at the lake on a Sunday afternoon and the truck wont start, we can send someone out that day!


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