April 10, 2015 dieseltoys

Can I keep my original gas power train after the conversion?

When we first opened, we originally gave customers all of their components back after the conversion was finished. Over the years it simply became an enormous logistical issue for us. Most customers ship their vehicles to us. Once the conversion was complete, they would ship the vehicle back. We would have to package and arrange shipping for the gas powertrain as vehicle shipping companies will not ship a vehicle with cargo inside.  Most customers always had a “brother-in-law’s nephew’s cousin’s best friend” that wanted the engine. But, these sale’s VERY rarely panned out. The conversion process robs many components from the gas engine so it’s not a complete setup. The reality is that we would end up storing these engines for 6-8 months before the customer would exhaust all resources trying to sell them on eBay etc,  give up and tell us to scrap it. As we became busier and busier, our ability to store and process these engines and transmissions has become smaller and smaller. There’s also the time consumption aspect of all of this. Among the few instances where the customer successfully sold their powertrain, we then had to pull $150/hr technicians off conversion projects to build wooden crates and package up the powertrains, then take them to the shipping depot across town. Shipping companies wont insure an engine sitting on a pallet. It has to be secured in a wooden crate so its not damaged. Despite all this, we have had instances where something was damaged in shipping or the receiving customer was pissed because something was missing and our conversion customer “thought it was there and it wasnt”. It created such a pain to deal with that we finally decided it was not financially viable to mess with. So, we dropped our prices on our conversions by $2,500 and made it a policy to retain these components as cores.  At any given time, we have 15-20 of them on our storage racks. If our customers wish to retain these original components, we add that $2,500 back to the price tag of the conversion and they are free to take them with their vehicle when the conversion is complete.