The Toyota Fj Cruiser debuted at the 2003 International Auto Show as a concept vehicle and received such rave reviews, Toyota put it into production in 2005 for the 2006 model year. Based conceptually on the iconic Toyota Fj40 Landcruiser, the FJ Cruiser builds on the FJ40’s styling and modern enhancements to both suspension and power train. The Fj Cruiser has garnered a cult-like following of owners/enthusiasts and is a fantastic trail rig when properly outfitted. Tons of cargo space, excellent visibility, and open layout makes these vehicles wildly popular as trail rigs. Diesel Toys remains the only company worldwide with a diesel option for the Fj Cruiser. Once converted, these vehicles achieve 24-28 mpg in its standard configuration to as high as 34 mpg with the addition of a performance chip.

O f all the killer features of the FJ CRUISER, fuel economy isn’t one of them. Well, all that has now changed. With a turbo diesel powerplant under the hood, the FJ CRUISER goes from a 12mpg gas guzzler to a +25 MPG fuel sipper. Utilizing Toyota’s legendary D-4D ® (pronounced DEE-FOUR-DEE) High Pressure Common Rail fuel system, the Toyota 1KD-FTV 4-cylinder engine puts out as much torque as the v6 gas engine but at almost half the RPM range. All while delivering the stellar fuel economy that these Toyota diesels are known for. In fact, Toyota rates these engines at 500,000 mile rebuild intervals for a reason. Featured on shows like Top Gear UK, the Toyota Hilux diesel is ubiquitous with reliability and the Toyota “Go Anywhere” philosophy. At Diesel Toys, we use all factory Toyota components. This means there are no “adapters or gimmicks: used in any of our conversions. This way you get what Toyota designed from the factory and not some pieced-together “kit”.