Anyone who has owned an “F” series gasser can testify to the poor fuel economy and lack-luster performance. …

Toyota’s ubiquitous LandCruiser series defines the “Go-Anywhere” off-road vehicle. Throughout the world, Landcruisers have blazed trails through the most rugged terrain imaginable… Unfortunately, our neck of the woods never got these legendary diesel models like the rest of the world did. Anyone who has owned an “F” series gasser can testify to the poor fuel economy and lack-luster performance. At Diesel Toys, we can convert your Cruiser to a modern turbo diesel power plant and make your Landcruiser fun to drive again! If you have any questions regarding our services, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email.



For years, LANDCRUISER fans have sought-after the Toyota 1HD-FT engines for use as a conversion candidate for their 80 SERIES LANDCRUISER. With its mechanical fuel pump and minimal electrical wiring, the 1HD-FT was considered to be the ultimate conversion platform for the 80 SERIES. The problem with the 1HD-FT engines is that they were only in production from Toyota for 3 years (1994-1997). So, limited production combined with the growing age of these vehicles makes finding suitable, low-mileage conversion powertrains almost impossible. Limited production also sent 1HD-FT prices into the stratosphere. In an effort to serve our conversion customers with the best possible platform, we bit the bullet and went back into development to design and utilize the 1HD-FTE engines found in the later 100 SERIES LANDCRUISERS. These engines are simply fantastic in an 80 SERIES LANDCRUISER. Our 1HD-FTE conversions come standard with an upgraded 5-SPEED AUTO transmission, but we also retain a manual transmission option for customers who like a clutch. When compared to the mechanical 1HD-FT, the 1HD-FTE engines blow them out of the water. The 1HD-FTE’s have better throttle response, far less diesel clatter, smoother operation, 30% better fuel economy, and gobs more power. This is a result of the 1HD-FTE’s EFI system and standard front mount INTERCOOLER. The 1HD-FTE conversions are truly in a league of their own. If you’re considering a diesel conversion in your 80 SERIES LANDCRUISER, it doesnt get any better than this. Email a sales associate today.