Toyota Diesel Conversions



2006 Tacoma D-4D

Since 2002, Diesel Toys has been performing turn-key installations of modern, computer controlled factory turbo diesel powerplants. It is our unique level of experience and attention to detail that makes us the industry leaders for diesel conversions in the USA. When deciding on which engine to install, careful consideration should be taken in order to achieve optimum results.


There are several drawbacks to going with a non-standard engine conversion. Regarding the 4B-T Cummins engines (aka UPS truck or bread truck engines), these industrial engines were not designed nor intended for use in passenger cars. Extreme vibration, noise, excessive weight, and poor fuel economy are the results. Consequently, the vehicle’s overall driveability is greatly diminished. Our customers are looking for better fuel economy and lower operating costs for their daily-driver, so we feel the “bread truck” approach completely defeats the purpose of a diesel conversion. At Diesel Toys, we only use OEM Toyota-designed passenger car diesel engines that are chassis-specific to your vehicle.


Toyota Engine Options


 4runner/Pickup (1985-1995)


4runner/Tacoma (1996-2004)


T-100 Pickup (1993-1998)


4runner/Tacoma (2005-Present)


FJCruiser (2006-Present)


FJ40/60 Landcruiser (1969-1987)


80 Series Landcruiser (1989-1997)


100 Series Landcruiser (1998-2007)


Tundra (2000-Present)


**The diesel conversion process does not require *nor include* converting your vehicle from 2WD to 4WD. Converting your 2WD or Prerunner to 4WD CAN be performed during the diesel conversion process at additional expense. For more information, please contact our sales department**


Diesel Conversion FAQs

    New or Used Engines?

New or used engines?
  • Many JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) importers purchase engines by the oceanic freight container load. Since there’s no way to verify the mileage or history of these engines, they are dirt cheap. The problem is they almost ALWAYS have some sort of mechanical issue and are never complete enough to have everything one would need for a successful conversion. Many times, any real cost savings are lost repairing the engines for re-installation. At Diesel Toys, we NEVER purchase “salvage” or “unknown condition” engines. We also handle our own importation so we don’t use JDM importers. This position makes us unique since we are actually the ones installing and servicing the power-trains we’re importing. We feel it is in everyone’s best interest to purchase the most trouble-free vehicle we can. Regarding NEW engines, we often have customers concerned about longevity of a used power-train. While new engines are technically available, they are extremely cost-prohibitive. One could purchase 4 to 5 complete used engine sets for the cost of a single new one.  Since most of the power-trains we purchase have less than 40,000 miles on them, they will provide years of trouble-free service.

   Should I find a higher mileage vehicle?

  • It is our experience that this approach only provides an illusion of savings. We have found that higher mileage vehicles may have  lower sticker prices, but their quality rarely represents the type of vehicle one would want to invest $20k into.  Most of the time, the interior is shot, paint is faded,  the and the vehicle is in need of some serious repairs due to age. So while you may have saved a few thousand dollars off of the initial purchase of the vehicle, you’ll spend that money (and more) getting the vehicle up to par. As with any investment, you’ll want to start with the cleanest possible platform. You’ll never hear someone say “man I wish I converted a crappier vehicle”…


    I’m ready to start the process, what’s involved?

  • To get started, we ask that you email our sales team detailing your vehicle’s specifics as well as any additional things you’d like done during the conversion process. We will take this information and create an itemized invoice your project. On this invoice will also be your project’s time-slot which is the date your project is scheduled to begin. To secure this conversion time-slot, we’ll need the deposit outlined on the invoice, a signed copy of the invoice and Diesel Toys® policy page.

    HOW  long is your waiting list?!

  • Since we opened the doors in 2004, we have been fortunate enough to stay on a 8-16 month waiting list to get into the shop. There are several factors that contribute to this wait that we like to explain to those interested in a conversion.
  • First, acquiring a low-mileage, quality engine set for your project takes time. From the time that we receive your deposit, we have our overseas buyers get to work in finding your engine set from overseas auctions. Like any auction, market prices, vehicles being offered that week, or vehicle condition play a role in whether we purchase that week or wait to find the right one. In other words, it takes time to simply find the right engine for your project.
  • Second, once we find the right engine, we have to meticulously strip the vehicle down and crate it up for transport. Shipping comes via oceanic freight so average transit time door-to-door is in the 45-60 day range. So, taking these items into account, the average time it takes for us to buy an engine, crate it up and ship it to ourselves is a “minimum” of 10-12 weeks.
  • Lastly, we have customers that have already placed deposits and are on the waiting list. While we are waiting for your engine set to arrive, we are busy buying parts for your project as well as finishing up other customers’ vehicles. Every now and then, we get calls from people who say “Such and such guy I found on the internet said they can get me right in, I don’t want to wait that long”. Would you really feel comfortable doling out $20k+ to a company that has no work coming in? Why is no one else using these guys? The reality is that the list of companies that can take your money and actually deliver a quality finished product is an extremely short list. Diesel Toys is the ONLY company converting vehicles on anything newer than 1990 using anything other than 4BT cummins engines.


What’s included with an installation?


 We perform conversions as a turn-key package. This means all parts, accessories, wiring, and installation are included in the price. All conversions have full factory gauge functionality and factory air conditioning (if applicable). Our conversion services are completely factory in appearance and function. This means that they wont “look” like a conversion when we’re finished. Our focus is on quality of experience and craftsmanship. We try to make the experience as hassle-free as possible. Handling and the sale of the original gas power-train will be done by the customer. We can assist in shipping the original gas engine for our customers at their expense.

**Please note: Some conversions may require additional parts which are NOT included in the pricing listed above**


Maintenance items


All diesel powertrains purchased are used, low-mileage, and in EXCELLENT mechanical condition. However, we always replace a few maintenance items once we get them in the shop. This is considered “cheap insurance” and will protect your investment from possible problems down the road. Our timing belt kit consists of all Genuine OEM parts and includes: timing belt, water pump, front/rear main oil seal, cam seal, and valve cover gasket.


Vehicle Shipping


You can ship your vehicle by using a vehicle shipping company. There are several to choose from and rates are normally very affordable. We recommend customers use for the most competitive rates. allows you to start an auction to allow shipping companies to bid for the job so rates are typically far less than other sites. For you Northerners out there, we can also supply you with a nice rust-free vehicle purchased locally. The conversion process takes 3-4 weeks on average. Once the conversion has been performed, we will contact you and you can make arrangements to pick the vehicle up or we can assist you in having it shipped.