January 9, 2014 dieseltoys

Toyota 1KD & D-4D immobilizer Systems

 All Toyota D-4D engines utilize one of the most sophisticated vehicle Immobilizer systems on the market. There is no known way to bypass these systems. What this means, is that even if you somehow successfully installed a D-4D engine into your vehicle, the ECU would be locked and not allow the engine to run as the ECU needs to be programmed to your specific vehicle. It’s a common misconception that simply having a key from the donor vehicle is a method of bypassing this programmer. All Toyota D-4D ECU’s use volatile memory chips for their immobilizers which means that if the battery power is cut to the ECU for any considerable length of time, the ECU will have to be re-programmed. We had to purchase a $25,000+ ELF locksmith licensed Toyota Europe certified programmer in order to successfully code the new computers to our conversion vehicles. While this kind of investment is not practical for most DIY’ers, it is a necessary for us to successfully code these newer vehicles. We provide our Immobilizer Programming services to all of our conversion customers free of charge.