Toyota 1KZT-E

As the diesel-powered Nissan Patrol was growing in popularity, Toyota needed another home-run for their own diesel fleet.  Drawing on design elements from the enormously successful “L” series diesel engines, Toyota wanted their new diesel engine to be a complete re-design; sharing not even the engine block with their previous engines. In 1993, Toyota released the 1KZT-E to critical acclaim worldwide. It featured a turbocharged, large displacement 3.0 (2,982 cc) liter 4-cylinder diesel engine with an electronically controlled indirect injection system. Worldwide, the 1KZT-E has earned a cult-following for it’s dependability, longevity, and economy. Even though it was released in 1993, Toyota is still producing the 1KZT-E in certain markets.

Output Specs:

1KZT-E 3.0 Turbo Diesel

  • 130hp @ 3,600 rpm
  • 211 ft/lbs torque @ 2,000 rpm
  • Bore 96 mm
  • Stroke 103 mm
  • Redline 4,400 rpm
  • Introduced 10/93-Present

At first glance, it obvious that Toyota designed these engines to be easily serviced. With features like an inverted, top-mounted oil filter and readily accessible glow plugs, any competent diesel mechanic will find these engines extremely simple to work on. Perhaps the best feature of the 1KZT-E is the timing belt is ridiculously simple to replace; not even requiring the removal of the accessory belts. We have a “How-To”.pdf file available for download HERE